Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic (November, 2015) & Band 9.0 Model Answers writing band 9 essay - education writing band 9 essay - education

IELTS Writing Actual Test in November, 2015 & Band 9.0 Argumentative Essay 

Too much emphasis is placed on going university for academic study. People should be encouraged to do vocational training, because there is a lack of qualified tradespeople such as electricians or plumbers. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Band 9.0 Sample:

It goes without saying that society always needs a skilled workforce to function. Employees of different professions contribute differently to the thriving of the community, and therefore I disagree with the statement that vocational courses should be given any more weight than before.

The fact that many people deem it more important to take tertiary education than a vocational training program has resulted in a shortage of qualified workers. It is universally accepted that knowledge and qualifications gained from university can help one to have a head start over other candidates when it comes to job hunting. In Vietnam, for instance, a majority of high school graduates are content to spend four to five years more studying at a university with the hope for a bright career ahead. This results in a lack of skilled manual workers such as plumbers and electricians in society.

However, if we encourage more people to become blue-collar workers, then there will be a shortage of while-collar workers who may otherwise create more wealth for society. For example, fewer engineers would mean lower productivity; a dearth of scientists may inhibit scientific discoveries which can provide us with a better life in the future. In contrast, those doing blue-collar jobs may face redundancy when too many applicants compete for the same position. An unbalanced workforce might, therefore, hold society back from development in the long term.

In conclusion, the workforce will adjust itself to cater for the need of the community, so there is no need to direct young people to follow a particular career path.

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  • Vocational: connected with the skills, knowledge, etc. that you need to have in order to do a particular job.
    ==>vocational education/qualifications/training
  • Tertiary: relating to education in colleges and universities 
  • A head start over somebody: an advantage that somebody already has before they start doing something
    ==>Being able to speak French gave her a head start over the other candidates.
  • Inhibit: to prevent something from happening or make it happen more slowly or less frequently than normal
    ==>A lack of oxygen may inhibit brain development in the unborn child.
  • While-collar: working in an office, rather than in a factory, etc.; connected with work in offices
    ==>white-collar workers.
  • To cater for something:to provide the things that a particular person or situation needs or wants 

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