Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 – 8.0 – 9.0: Practice Exercises & Answer Key (Part 7)

Practice daily to improve IELTS score with Advanced Vocabulary and IELTS Vocabulary Practice Exercise for IELTS Academic & IELTS General Training test takers. This lesson includes 9 Parts. You can also check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 , Part 5 , Part 6 in the previous posts.

(J) Select the correct answer option (a – d) for each question (1 – 25)

  1. He still___________ for her to this day; it is tragic really, considering she left him all of twenty-eight years ago. He is stuck firmly rooted in his past.
  2. The government troops were able to___________ the rebellion with little difficulty. It’s leaders were not at all prepared for any form of lengthy engagement.
  3. All he could do to sustain himself until help arrived was to___________ in the forest for berries and just pray that they were not of the poisonous variety. He was exceptionally fortunate to come out alive.
  4. His reputation has been___________ unfairly by the allegations of corruption, and he will forever be known as the politician accused of paying for favours from visiting state officials with ‘brown envelopes’, despite the fact that he has been completely exonerated of any wrongdoing.
  5. This issue___________ race and may well serve to unite a people that were until this moment bitterly divided and obsessed with skin colour to an exceptionally unhealthy degree.
  6. He has been___________ in the press for his outdated views on the issue of abortion, which, until now, he had never spoken publicly about. Methinks he probably wishes he had stayed stum, as it were.
  7. As a politician he is highly respected for his moral integrity, but as a speaker, my oh my, he does___________ on rather ponderously; he nearly put me to sleep.
  8. The incumbent president has said that he will not___________ on his promise to pull the troops out of Iraq by the end of the year, despite the fact that conditions on the there ground are worsening by the day.
  9. Maxine will___________ you for all your worth in the courts if this ends acrimoniously. It is better to cut your losses and make an out of court settlement.
  10. You may yet___________ the day that you crossed me; I will not forget this, and will be watching you like a hawk.
  11. His reputation as a ‘green’ politician was___________ by the news that he owns seven sports cars and a fleet of private jets.
  12. We must not___________ ; after all, the show starts at 2 and it is already getting on for a quarter past one.
  13. The couple tried to their romance but soon they both had to come to terms with the reality that the spark had gone for good.
  14. Crisis was___________ when the Chinese government backed down on its demand to have the island returned to it before the deadline. Its leader saved face by securing a pledge from the Korean government to cede control before the end of 2025.
  15. The hostile crowd in the stadium___________ the footballer, chanting the name of one of the opposing players, Milton Frack, who, it is alleged, is having an affair with his wife of eight years.
  16. He___________ for the position but was overlooked. The fact that the promotion was awarded to his good friend and colleague made it a slightly easier pill to swallow.
  17. He doesn’t believe in___________ his words and tends to tell it how it is no matter what the situation. That’s all well and good, but sometimes a little bit of diplomacy is called for.
  18. Unless the rebels lay down their weapons and___________ violence once and for all, we will not engage with them at the negotiating table.
  19. By making these libellous allegations against me, you are attempting to___________ my moral integrity. Rest assured that I will first see to it that this remains intact and then take you to the cleaners in the courts.
  20. He is ___________ with a sense of morality that is rare amongst politicians in this country. It is little wonder that he has become the so-called people’s champion.
  21. He___________ around the track effortlessly and left the other runners trailing in his wake.
  22. Her close personal friends never___________ in their belief in her, whatever was written in the press.
  23. I shall___________ this moment for as long as I live; the road has been a long and at times difficult one, but winning this award today and getting such an endorsement from my peers in the industry has made it all worthwhile.
  24. As a celebrity he was rather unusual in that he preferred to___________ the limelight in as much as was possible.
  25. The inebriated driver drove straight into a tree, ___________ a huge hole in the front of her car.
  1. a. pines           b. milks            c. prattles         d. endows
  2. a. sully             b. deride          c. quell             d. falter
  3. a. dally             b. avert            c. forage          d.shun
  4. a. sullied         b. rued             c. loped           d. impugned
  5. a. transcends b. rekindles      c. endows        d. taunts
  6. a. gouged       b. derided        c. tendered      d. undermined
  7. a. milk            b. prattle          c. mince           d. transcend
  8. a. renege       b. avert              c. tender          d. eschew
  9. a. rue             b. dally               c. taunt            d. milk
  10. a. rue             b. tender          c. lope              d. milk
  11. a. savoured   b. shunned       c. taunted        d. undermined
  12. a. pine            b. lope             c. eschew         d. dally
  13. a. rekindle     b. endow         c. tender          d. mince
  14. a. quelled      b. averted        c. savoured      d. impugned
  15. a. taunted     b.shunned        c. loped           d. faltered
  16. a. endowed   b. eschewed    c. tendered      d. rekindled
  17. a. mincing     b. gouging       c. loping          d. eschewing
  18. a. shun           b. renege          c. eschew         d. impugn
  19. a. falter           b. avert            c. impugn        d. prattle
  20. a. endowed     b. quelled        c. shunned       d. averted
  21. a. gouged        b. loped           c. rued             d. milked
  22. a. derided       b. taunted        c. faltered        d.reneged
  23. a. dally             b. rekindle       c. prattle          d.savour
  24. a. gorge           b. renege          c. milk             d.shun
  25. a. pining         b. foraging       c. gouging       d. mincing

Answer Key


1. a

2. c

3. c

4. a

5. a

6. b

7. b

8. a

9. d

10. a

11. d

12. d

13. a

14. b

15. a

16. c

17. a

18. c

19. c

20. a

21. b

22. c

23. d

24. d

25. c

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