Children’s Thinking Reading Answers

The Academic passage ‘Children’s Thinking’ is a reading passage that appeared in an IELTS Test. Read the passage below and answer questions 28-40. Beyond the questions, you will find the answers along with the location of the answers in the passage and the keywords that help you find out the answers.

Children’s Thinking

Children's Thinking 1

Children's Thinking 2

Children's Thinking 3

Children's Thinking 4

Children's Thinking 5


The answers with explanations are given below

Question Number Answers Keywords Location of keywords
28. CH Eminent, psychologist Paragraph 1
29. MC Psychologist, African culture, cannot Paragraph 4
30. MC Instead button-pressing machine Paragraph 5
31. SH Two modifications, jump in success Paragraph 2
32. SH Drawers, panels Paragraph 7
33. MC Strange machine, familiar objects Paragraph 5
34. HTK Five year olds, college students Paragraph 6
35. SH Conclude,incapable, deductive reasoning Paragraph 9
36. Not Given Not Given Not Given
37. Yes Pressing button, marble Paragraph 3
38. Yes Strange machine, familiar objects Paragraph 5
39. Yes Other marble, similar size Paragraph 8
40. No No improvement, change Paragraph 8

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