Eco-Tourism Reading Answers

The Academic passage ‘Eco-Tourism’ is a reading passage that appeared in an IELTS Test. Read the passage below and answer questions 1-13. Beyond the questions, you will find the answers along with the location of the answers in the passage and the keywords that help you find out the answers.


Eco-Tourism 1

Eco-Tourism 2

Eco-Tourism 3

Eco-Tourism 4

Eco-Tourism 5

Eco-Tourism 6

Eco-Tourism 7


The answers with explanations are given below

Question Number Answer Keywords Location of Keywords
1. A providing opportunities for educational , cultural exchange Paragraph B
2. D Diverse levels, travellers Paragraph F
3. C Fungus, most common Paragraph C
4. B Reducing, illegal hunting Paragraph E
5. A Teaches, healthcare Paragraph B
6. C Cheese factory, centre of the forest Paragraph H
7. D Honeymoon, wonderful place Paragraph G
8. A Picnic, fruit Paragraph G
9. B Creating jobs, employment opportunities Paragraph B
10. Adventure Rather than, nature adventure Paragraph D
11. Sustainable Sustainable tour, significant Paragraph D
12. Tropical Forest primary threats, tropical forests Paragraph D
13. Illegal Killing Illegal hunting, extremely inefficient Paragraph E

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