IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic: Should wealthy nations be required to share their wealth?

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic: Should wealthy nations be required to share their wealth?

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Adeoti Azizah

Posted on Apr 9, 2022

While some people believe well-to-do nations should give a helping hand to the less privileged countries in terms of food and education, others feel the government of the later should be accountable for the general welfare of it’s citizens. I am of the opinion that the government of underprivileged national should fend for their citizens and this will be detailed out in subsequent paragraphs.
First, having the wealthy nations share their resources (food and education) can in later years become a burden on them. This can be so because a nation will keep growing and increasing in population thereby leading to increased pressures on these two amenities. Thus, they might not be able to fulfil their promises on the long run and can result in enmity between the nations.
Also, jealousy and war can arise on the part of the richer nation when the poor country begin to gain more popularity and become more successful in these two sectors despite deriving the pleasure of attaining such growth from the developed country. This also indicates the reason why these resources should not be shared.
On the other hand, when the leaders of the underdeveloped nations become effective and efficient in discharging their duties in these two areas, it will promote their country’s sense of Independence and self-actualization which will encourage the citizens as well to overcome any adversity they might encounter. Then, they will be able to feed and learn graciously without the fear and pressure of deriving these benefits from a wealthier country.
To conclude, while it is thought that wealthier nations should share their provisions of food and education among the less privileged countries, it can turn out to become a burden, source or jealousy and enmity on the former in later years. It will be more considerate for governments of poorer countries to provide these things for it’s nation and residents so as to be able to live peacefully off debt.




Posted on Apr 11, 2022

Band Score – 6

Concentrate on the correct usage of subject-verb agreement, prepositions and punctuation.

Pay attention to spelling and capitalization.

Since this is a direct question essay which means, you will have to answer the two questions asked in separate paragraphs. There is no need to create one paragraph for each view.

Use the C2 level of words.


Posted on Mar 13, 2022

Some people say that rich nations should help poor countries with their basic needs like food and education while others oppose the idea and argue that the poor nation themselves should try to improve their condition. Do you agree with the idea that rich and developed nations should help the poor nations?

Different people have different views for extending the aid for everyday necessities like studies and academic learning to not so rich countries by the wealthy nations, while some support the idea of authorities taking charge to help themselves. The idea of lending the helping hands to the struggling countries is not only good for reshaping the future but also important to build strong allies is strongly agreed.
Leading nations should be part and parcel of the growth of the trembling economies which lack the proper means to stabilize the future of the country helping build the better and highly qualified youth to face the upcoming challenges for betterment and building a strong foundation for the remodelled structure, not only providing the quality education, but rather creating a healthy and positive environment providing the ground level nutrition requirements to grow and prosper with the empowered minds for the brighter tomorrow.
Strong Neighbours shall not only be hand of support for pushing the didactics instead shall be a pillar for building the strength providing the subsidized eatables in the moments of suffering to aid the sustainability in the crucial timings. Being a strong pillar not only encourages the cordial relations but also creates a backup team in the hours of crisis. It’s not the opportunity to be slipped out of the hands so easily, after all any chance shall not missed to turn and enemy to a friend. Allies are soul of the cemented nations
Amongst the varied views, the sanity holds the hands to form the firm base in tough times developing the strong alliances in crucial hours and also being a part of the success. It’s consented to have a mutual growth to build yourself even stronger and support the crawling countries towards the phase to settlement.




Posted on Mar 14, 2022

Band Score – 5

Concentrate on the correct usage of articles, verbs and punctuation.
Since it is an opinion essay, you are required to support one view and write about it in two paragraphs followed by one line of contrast in a separate paragraph.
Some sentences are unnecessarily long and lacks clarity. Learn error free sentence formation.
Use the C2 level of words and appropriate transitional words.

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