IELTS Writing Recent Actual Test & Band 9.0 Model Answer

IELTS Writing Recent Actual Test & Band 9.0 Model Answer

IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic:

Should wealthy nations be required to share their wealth among poorer nations by providing such things as food and education? Or, is it the responsibilities of the governments of poorer nations to look after their citizens themselves?

Band 9.0 Sample Answer: 

Recent decades have witnessed tremendous economic development; however, the gap between the richest and poorest nations remains considerable. Some people argue that the developed nations should assist underdeveloped ones with food and education. Alternatively, others believe it is best for the leaders of the poorer countries to solve their problems on their own.

It cannot be denied that assistance to a poor country from a wealthy one could benefit both countries. For instance, providing aid might lead to better trade and diplomatic relationships. As a matter of fact, wealthy nations may benefit from access to natural resources, attractive investment opportunities, or even allies in security issues. Apart from being favorable, wealthy nations should help because many owe their prosperity to poorer nations from past exploitation, slavery, and colonialism. Needless to say, returning some wealth back to the countries it was ‘stolen’ from would be beneficial and the right thing to do.

In contrast, there are people who believe that poorer nations should solve their own problems. They point out that such countries should avoid interference from wealthy countries because they must maintain independence. For example, a poor nation may lose the freedom to make some decisions and grow to depend on the aid they receive. Some argue that aid can lead to exploitation and wealthy nations may take advantage of access to resources or use the threat of stopping aid as a way to gain power.

In conclusion, arguments can be made that assistance from a wealthy nation could be mutually beneficial as well as appropriate justice for past acts. However, it may also be said that poorer nations would benefit most from acting independently and not being in debt to wealthier ones. In my view, poorer nations should seek out aid because it may be the best chance for them to develop and catch up with those that are more advanced.
(312 words)


I. Introduction
A. Context statement
1. Great worldy wealth, but still large gap between rich and poor
B. Competing Views
1. Wealthy nations should help
2. Poor nations should help themselves

II. Yes, should help
A. Would benefit both sides
1. Open trade and diplomacy
2. Access to resources and investment opportunities
B. Payback/Reparations
1. Many wealthy nations owe from past exploitation
2. Helpful and provides justice

III. No, poor nations should solve
A. Maintain independence
1. Keep freedom to make decisions
2. Avoid reliance on aid
B. Protect against future exploitation
1. Wealthy nations may take too many resources
2. May use stopping aid as a threat

IV. Conclusion
A. Summarize…
B. Opinion…yes, should help because it is the best chance to catch up


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