It is more important to spend public money on promoting a healthy lifestyle – IELTS Writing Task 2

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It is more important to spend public money on promoting a healthy lifestyle – IELTS Writing Task 2

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Courtney Miller

Courtney Miller

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Posted on Nov 22, 2018

Each country takes a quite number of initiatives to help her citizen having healthy and happy life.Although there are people who believe that the govt should emphasize more on the programs which are associated with promoting a better treatment for ill people; however, I think encouraging more on healthy lifestyle helps people to engage in daily work with more focus, highly active, and less distraction.This essay will explain the importance of concerned issues when it comes to spending public money.

Having a good treatment is basic necessity of our life whereas not having is unequivocally a inhuman one. for example,the fact with physically challenged people who failed to get a better treatment in proper time, which leaves them physical impaired;if they had a treatment in right time, there would be a higher possibility of having a normal life (as we do). hence they could have lead a joyful-life , as well as contributing more in economy.moreover,healthy people earn and deposit money for their rainy-days to spend,so they deserve a quality medication after they have got sick.

people realize the real importance of healthy life after they got into sickness which incurs punish of pain. in other words, they prefer to remain healthy rather taking medicine after illness.for instance, when a patient suffering from diabetics(a chronic disease),the patient have no choice but continue treatment all along his/her remaining life time;this treatment needs life-long medication budget.besides the allocation of exercise time they are bound to follow ,the constraint food menu they must rely on, periodical consultation with doctors they need comes up with the realization that what if they had normal healthy life as other neighbor who does not suffer from diabetics.It is not only diabetics but also many other disease such as heart-attack,stroke can be avoid by practicing a healthier life style since earlier of one’s life.Such healthy life style might be obtained by having good exercise,avoiding unhygienic junk food.

In conclusion, its worth living more with healthy life and less with getting treatment after sick. So public money should be spent more importantly on practicing healthy life such as installing public exercise facilities,providing available playground,including more syllabus in academic subjects,spreading public awareness through media.

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Posted on May 4, 2018

please i purchased this book ( recent actual speaking tests 2018) and i did not recived my copy???could you please sent it ??


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