IELTS Writing Task 2 Opinion Essay Topic: Teamwork

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Opinion Essay Topic: Teamwork

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Janice Thompson

Janice Thompson

Soon after graduating with a Master’s in Literature from Southern Arkansas University, she joined an institute as an English language trainer. She has had innumerous student interactions and has produced a couple of research papers on English language teaching. She soon found that non-native speakers struggled to meet the English language requirements set by foreign universities. It was when she decided to jump ship into IELTS training. From then on, she has been mentoring IELTS aspirants. She joined IELTSMaterial about a year ago, and her contributions have been exceptional. Her essay ideas and vocabulary have taken many students to a band 9.

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Posted on May 19, 2022

In this century, teamwork is a necessity. Some people believe that teamwork provides varieties of benefits. However, there are also others who believe the opposite. I strongly agree that working with others has a lot of benefits in modern society.

In modern society, being a team member offers a plethora of benefits. Firstly, working with a team enhances social skills. For instance, in marketing companies, there are small working groups who all work all day and all night to find the best ideas for their clients. Therefore, all the members of the groups have to spend an excessive number of hours together. Secondly, teamwork makes people more creative thanks to the high-level interaction. For example, when someone is stuck in the work, the others might come up with innovative ideas. All in all, teamwork has significant positive side effects.
For some others, working with a team is harmful for several reasons. Firstly, being a part of a team means also dealing with others’ problem which causes an extra burden on working space. Imagine a university group that works on a team project to pass the semester. Without any hesitation, some students in the project group will work more than the others. This destroys the balance in working mechanisms. Secondly, teamwork might create so much pressure on those who suffer from social anxiety. For example, Introverts generally prefer to study or work alone so as to get rid of team pressure. To sum up, working with others has also negative aspects.
Today, job markets require teamwork. While some people support the benefits of teamwork, others advocate the opposite. In conclusion, I strongly agree that teamwork ensures lots of benefits not only in working life but also in daily life.




Posted on May 20, 2022

Band Score – 5

Concentrate on the correct usage of articles, subject-verb agreement and punctuation.

Since it is an opinion essay, you are required to support one view and write about it in two paragraphs, followed by one line of contrast in a separate paragraph.

Avoid repeating ideas, words or sentences.

Use C2 level of words.

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