IELTS Writing Actual Test (March 5th, 2016) – Topic: Family

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IELTS Writing Actual Test (March 5th, 2016) – Topic: Family

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Courtney Miller

Courtney Miller

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Posted on Oct 13, 2021

Over the recent years, the structure of the family has seen many changes with roles being reversed. Though some may say that such transformations are good for the society while others may debate it. In this essay, I shall comment upon the changes that have occurred in the families these days and also discuss the merits and demerits of such changes. As per my personal opinion these changes are definitely not good for the society.

Overall, the families these days have certainly shrunk in size. In earlier days people believed to stay in joint families but the recent times have seen the shift from joint familes to nuclear families. People find it much more comfortable to live in nuclear families. The other change that is evident is that earlier only the male member would be the sole earner of the family. But nowadays it is not uncommon to see females earning the bread for the family. Another change that can be seen is that earlier a family would have anywhere between three to four children. But these days people believe to have a compact and a close knit family with only one child or at the maximum only two children. These are a few changes that can be observed in today’s family structure.

Let us now discuss the postive and negative aspects of such transitions. Firstly to talk about the merits, with the ladies coming forth to work, is certainly making them much more independent and confident. Also with two people earning (both the husband and the wife) in a family, the income flowing in is definitely better. This gives the family the much needed financial stability.

On the flip side, with both the parents working, I feel that the child/children get neglected. Their growth both academically and physically is hindered due to the absence of parents. The other biggest disadvantage I feel is that the family is devoid of any support system. With such a compact family, when some disaster strikes in any form be it health related or finance related or for that matter any other issue, the family does not have a fall back system. And thus suffers.

In my opinion, it is best to have a joint family due the obvious merits discussed above.

Hence to conclude, it is quite eveident that the families these days are seeing many changes and transformations. These transitions have their own merits and demerits but it is my personal opinion that dwelling in a large joint family is always beneficial.


Janice Thompson

Janice Thompson

Posted on Oct 14, 2021

Overall band: 6.0

Learn the linkers of contrast. Though and while cannot be used together.
Learn the usage of articles. In your essay, they appear in many places where they should not.


Posted on Sep 20, 2021

Nowadays, in the family structure as well as the role of the parents and children are changed a lot . this statement has more disadvantages. i will explain in the further paragraphs about its negative side
The cogent role difference is occur is that the families cannot give time to their children’s. to elaborate, due to hectic schedule people work more time and they do not give time to their parent and children’s . subsequently, they do not teach their kids about moral values and do not teach how to respect their elders. To exemplify, in this era pupils not know about their regimes owing to their parents does not teach about the cultural and traditions .

probing further, if we see the structure of today’s families we can see the most of families are nuclear . Due to dysfunctional children cannot give their 100% on their study . more children cannot talk to their parents when they want their parents cannot focus on their kids they do not give time to their infants because of the nuclear families both of the parents work in the daily basis.


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