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  • The subjects and lesson contents are decided by the authorities such as the government. Some people argue that teachers should make the choice.
    What are the pros and cons of each method, give some solutions?

    Some people think that tutors ought to make decision when choosing the lesson contents, while the government decides it. This mainly causes time management and ineffective learning problems. There are number of solutions to these problems which should be implemented to get maximum benefit from studying.

    The foremost problem caused by the decision of authorities in terms of lesson contents is the waste of time on unnecessary lessons. In other words, some lessons become unnecessary according to the field of interest chosen by students. Take accounting or finance for example, this field does not need any biology or chemistry lessons and teaching of these lessons is absolute placebo. Another issue caused by the governments’ decision on learning contents is that it can make learning process ineffective. That is to say, it is always productive when focusing on 5 subjects instead of 10. As a results, many students would probably be unable to master their learnings and that means unproductive studying that serves no purpose.

    There are two viable solutions to the problem of decision making. One way to tackle this is to introduce more robust curriculum. This will not only be effective learning for students but also will give the teachers more flexibility in teaching and by helping their students to choose their field of interest and select the correct lessons for them. Another way of solving this issue is to eliminate unnecessary subjects from the curriculum. By applying this method, students might be able to focus only on the subjects that are of a great importance for their profession. This solution would probably make them successful in their future career and endeavours.

    In conclusion, changing tuition style by introducing robust curriculum and removing unnecessary subjects are effective in dealing with the issue.

  • As global trade increases between different countries, many daily necessities are produced in other countries. Such goods are usually transported a long distance.
    Do the benefits of this trend outweigh its drawbacks?

    While the international trade is on the rise, many products that are necessary on a daily basis is produced in foreign countries and often travelled long distances. In my opinion, the drawback of this trend far outweighs any benefits that it might bring.

    Admittedly, there are some minor benefits of goods that imported from abroad. Firstly, it is cost effective for some countries. In other words, they are unable to produce daily required limits of goods that is of a great importance for consumption. For example, our is exporting wheat from Russia and this makes it available throughout the country by making it sufficient for daily consumption. Secondly, importing goods from abroad allows certain fruits to become available for everyone. It is clear that certain fruits don’t grow in some countries and trading with foreign countries allows to obtain necessary foods. Take banana or orange for instance, this fruits usually imported from tropic countries and can be found everywhere.

    Nevertheless, despite the above minor benefits, I believe importing goods from foreign countries that travel long distances have some serious drawbacks. One potentially dangerous problem is that, foods processed abroad contain chemicals that is designed to survive long distances. Needless to say, it causes detrimental effect on human health paving the way for different diseases to arise. Another worrying issue is that, imported goods that travel long distances degrade in quality. That is to say, food lose their original taste and lack the original ingredients that are necessary for peoples’ wellbeing. For example, recent study found that foods that travel long distances and contain chemical may cause cancer later in life.

    In conclusion, foods that contain chemicals and degraded in quality far outweighs any minor benefits of imported goods from foreign countries that travelled long distances

  • The spread of English as a “global language” is an issue nowadays.
    To what extent do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

    Although the English language became an issue by being widespread across the world, there are also many benefits that needs to be considered. In my opinion, English as a “international language’ brings about more benefits compared to any problems that it might bring.

    Despite some minor drawbacks below, I believe that the popularity of English language can have significant benefits. Firstly, such popularity provides opportunity for people to travel around the globe without worrying about communication difficulties. This makes it extremely easier for people to communicate to each other with confidence and avoids misunderstandings. Secondly, the existence of this language which is accepted worldwide is absolutely important advantage to any person who is eager to get a higher education. Since the quality of education is noticeably higher in English speaking countries that contain high-ranked universities, it can be achievable for people to enter university by just learning the English to an extent that is acceptable. For example, many universities require IELTS test and that gives a chance for many individuals to get a degree.

    Admittedly, there are some minimal drawbacks that English language causes. One problem is that it might affect cultures and traditions of some countries negatively. The progress of English language has pave the way for some languages to disappear and this is an area of concern in some countries. For example, recent study found that over 500 aboriginal languages in Australia has disappeared due to spreading of English language. Another issue is that, it enforces young generation to ignore their writers and poets. Many young people study English novels instead trying to improve their language skills. However, this is a small problem because many national novels and poems are translated into English nowadays.

    In conclusion, being able to travel across the world and getting higher education in top universities far outweighs any minor drawbacks that may result from the widespread English language.

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