Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 12

[]Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 - Topic 12
[]Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 - Topic 12

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Some people choose to eat no meat or fish. They believe that this is not only better for their own health but also benefits the world as a whole. Discuss this view and give your own opinion.

Write at least 250 words.

Model Essay 01 :

Nowadays, people are free to make a lot of options related to food. Some of them argue that eating meat or fish have a fundamentally beneficial influence on our planet and own life, while many others contend that it has a detrimental effect as well. To my view of thinking, meat and fish are one of the most important foods for our normal health condition, so it is harmful to refuse it absolutely.


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Firstly, meat and fish provide a lot of useful vitamins. It is extremely necessary for our normal vital processes such us growing or maturing. Lack of this material causes serious disabilities. Moreover, the amount of fish and animal should be regulated due to the shortage of feed in the water and earth, which is needed. On the other hand, the destruction of fish and animal could cause disappearance of specific species. For instance, there are a lot of special species of fish that are written into a red book but still killing illegally. This negative aspect provides harmful acquaintances which should be solved globally.

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In my opinion, people should not refuse it totally because it has a negative influence on their health. I convinced that this problem could be solved by a smaller quantity of meat and fish. This solution guarantees a smaller request for these products and a positive effect on the balance of living organisms on earth.

Taking these points into consideration, I would like to say that there some advantages and disadvantages bought by eating meat and fish. However, in my opinion, the supply of this product should be regulated very carefully saving the balance of these organisms, but nobody should refuse this material wholly due to useful materials which are taken.


Model Essay 02 :

A healthy diet plays a very important role in maintaining people’s health. Some people argue that we should eat no fish and meat to have our own health better and it is also value to the world. In my opinion, I agree that this will bring many advantages but also causes several drawbacks.

First of all, it is undeniable that by dint of eating like a vegetarian, people will have a nice body and more chance to avoid several chronic diseases. To specify, vegetables and fruits, which contain a rich source of vitamins and minerals, will enable people to keep fit and healthy body. Moreover, with a low amount of fats, cholesterol, or saturated fats, people will not have to worry about gaining weight or obesity as well as other related health issues like high blood pressure or heart diseases. For example, since I ate more vegetables, my body became stronger and my weight stayed unchanged over time.

On the contrary, it is obvious that by no means could this kind of diet have no negative effect on our health and life styles… As a consequence of eating no meat and fish, people will not gain sufficient proteins and fats so that they will not have enough energy for their daily activities. For instance, my mother try to eat as a vegetarian in several days, but she always feel tired and can not perform anything well.

On the other hand, thanks to the vegetarian meals we can contribute to save the world. In more details, the fact is that every year, the food processing industry consumes a large amount of clean water to produce meat or beef and release tons of waste and smoke to the environment. Additionally, due to the over fishing for food, many species of fish in sea, rivers, lakes are endangered and facing with the extinction. Therefore, if we remove meat and fish from our meal, we can prevent this.

In conclusion, it is not always good if we only eat vegetables but we should reduce the amount of meat and fish as well as eat more vegetables for healthier living.


Model Essay 03 :

Vegetarians tend to avoid consuming meat and fish on the purpose of keeping body health and concerning on environmental issue. Both purposes will be discussed through this essay as well as provide several convincing explanations.

Vegetarians tend to consider health factors to stop consuming meat and fish because those kinds of food sources affect the blood tension of those who suffer from chronic disease such as cancer, obesity, etc. Another reasons from health point of view of people become vegetarian because they need to lose the weight or to have better body shape. Moreover, choosing to consume vegetables rather than meat or fish becomes a trend to keep the body health.

On the other hand, being a vegetarian is one of the ways to protest the policy of government or criminal action that against the environmental issues such as cruel animal slaughtering, fish-bombing, etc. Moreover, being vegetarian is believed as the best solution in keeping the balance of ecosystem among humans and animals.

However, another reason not to eat meat or fish is related to ethical concern on how there are several values or rules in certain community that forbid to eat both of food sources. They believe that animals are just like human being that should be respected as well as conserve their lives.

To conclude, vegetarians who consider health issues and environmental issues as well as ethical concern have their own reasons. In addition, both views are merely positive to keep the body health individually as well as to conserve the sustainability of animal lives globally.

[ Written by – Soni Ariawan ]


Model Essay 04 :

It is a fact that several groups of people prefer not to consume any kinds of meat and fish, as they believe that being vegetarian bring many benefits for their health and for the world as a whole. To a certain extent, I would agree with the opinion, but I think that people should also consume meat and fish in a proportional portion as they contain rich ingredients that are needed by human’s body.

For a number of reasons, some people choose not to eat fish or meat. Firstly, it is believed that several types of meats and fish contain fats which are considered as unhealthy for the human’s body. People who consume those kinds of meat or fish have a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack or cholesterol. Secondly, as the demand of meat and fish increases, it would have a negative impact to the environment. The increasing number of farming activities would require bigger areas, which might reduce the number of forest areas.  And then with over exploitation of fishing activities, several types of fishes would extinct and it would make the sea ecosystem become imbalance.

On the other hand, many food scientists have found out that there are several types of vitamins and proteins that could only be obtained from meat and fish. For examples, Salmon fish generates certain type of oils which are beneficial for our blood circulation process. And then, red meat is needed as the source of nutrition for human’s brain. However, the main problem of those who consume meat and fish is that most of them consume the food in an inappropriate portion. As a consequence, many of them have problems with obesity or diabetic.

In conclusion, it is true that some people believe that being a vegetarian is healthier than meat consumer, and it would also give positive effect to the environment. To a certain point I would agree with it, but meats and fish also contains certain types of nutrition that are needed by our body. I do believe that if we could balance the consumption of meat, fish and vegetable, it would make our body become healthier than the vegetarian.

[ Written by – Darwin Sugiharto ]


Model Essay 05 :

The number of vegetarians in a community may depend on various factors, for example the traditions of the country, the wealth of the country, the religion or the age group. Therefore, the reasons why people choose to exclude meat and fish from their diet may also vary. This essay will discuss these people’s thought and give my own opinion on that.

Some people become vegetarians because they believe that this will benefit their health. Undoubtedly, eating too much red meat, is not to be recommended. Moreover, the fact that there are healthy populations in some parts of the world where no one eats meat proves that it is not, as some people claim, an essential part of the human diet. However, it is important to ensure that enough protein, for example, is included in the diet from other sources. Where vegetarianism is not a tradition, this may require some careful planning.

In my experience, it is quite common for people to become vegetarians because they feel that it is selfish to eat meat or because meat production increases global warming. They may also feel that if no one ate meat, there would be no food shortages, because meat production uses up food resources. This idealistic point of view is very attractive, but it is hard to judge whether it is in fact correct.

In some families, if a teenager decides to become a vegetarian, they may do so partly out of a spirit of rebellion, because this behaviour can be interpreted as a criticism of their parents’ way of life. However, provided that they continue to eat healthily, the parents should not raise objections, in my opinion. Vegetarianism is a valid choice in life. Moreover, research shows that vegetarians tend to be healthier in many ways than meat-eaters.

Personally, I think that being a vegetarian is a good idea in principle as there are proven health benefits and probably social benefits as well. However, it does not suit everybody, and I doubt whether it will ever be a universal choice.

(330 words)


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