Obesity in Children/ Child obesity – IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 13

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Obesity in Children/ Child obesity – IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 13

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Courtney Miller

Courtney Miller

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Tugay Abdullazade

Posted on Oct 20, 2021

The number of children suffering from obesity in some countries is so high that it raises concerns among people. I think the primary reasons behind this are children not getting enough information about a healthy lifestyle and consuming fast-food products. In addition to creating some limitations at junk food restaurants, increasing health-related programmes and subjects can tackle these causes.
Keeping the weight at a normal level is achieved by having a healthy diet and doing exercises, which are unfortunately are neither taught at schools nor shown on TVs. Consequently, the children are not encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle and are getting overweight. Moreover, the kids have meals at fast-food chains occasionally. The food served at such restaurants contains high sugar and fat rates which contributes to the customers getting fat.
There are several solutions to the above causes. Firstly, the governments should add obligatory health subjects to the school curriculums, where the students can learn about the benefits of being fit and be encouraged to stay fit. Furthermore, the TV channels should be made to constantly advertise the importance of doing exercises by showing real-life examples, such as athletes sportsmen to impress the children. Regarding the restaurants, they can stop serving food to minors, or at least limit the number of served meals to them for a certain period. As a result, the youngsters will have no other option than to have healthy food.
To conclude, information shortage about health together with unhealthy junk food are the main reasons that contribute to children becoming overweight. Educating those kids at schools and with TV advertisements, as well as limiting the consumed food by underage citizens at fast-food restaurants can lessen the outcomes of previously mentioned problems.


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