IELTS Writing Task 2: Most countries believe that international tourism has harmful effects Sample Essay

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IELTS Writing Task 2: Most countries believe that international tourism has harmful effects Sample Essay

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Posted on Jun 6, 2022

As air travel becomes safer and cheaper, it is expected that tourism, as a sector, will grow significantly. Thus, it is worthwhile to discuss the possible untoward effects of international tourism and suggest possible solutions to address them.

As people from move one place to another, it is inevitable that they may also bring something along with them. While clothes and bags have no consequences, it is a different story if people try to bring animals, plants and the most dreadful of all, diseases as they travel. For example, invasive species such as Manila clams have been accidentally brought back by American ships from the Philippines during the Second World War and led to the destruction of the native biodiversity due to the spectacular ability of these mollusks to reproduce. High rates of international travel also allow for rapid spread of diseases, creating pandemics. While it may seem harmless, international tourism may lead to serious consequences if not regulated.

Solutions to the aforementioned problems are already being implemented by countries across the world. Regulatory bodies now have very strict protocols regarding shipping of animals, pets, or plants to another country. Nations currently also react very quickly to contagious diseases through lock downs and airport closures. However, there are still people who cannot help but worry about these problems. To address this, governments can initiate projects that spread awareness and should assure their countrymen that they are doing their best to protect their best interests.

To conclude, international tourism has its drawbacks but countermeasures are already in place to keep them in check. In order to change people’s mind about this, governments have the responsibility to keep their constituents properly informed and give them reassurance regarding the matter.




Posted on Jun 8, 2022

Band Score – 6

Concentrate on the correct usage of articles, tense, subject verb agreement and punctuation.

Pay attention to spellings and word order in a sentence.

Use C2 level of words.


Posted on Apr 27, 2022

Please assess my essay…..Thank you. Tourism industry is the backbone of a nation as it contributes a significant amount towards the country’s economy.There is difference in the perspective among individuals regarding international tourism. This essay will outline its possible causes and potential solutions in the forthcoming paragraphs. Firstly,the reluctance of native peoples towards the foreigners is mainly due to recent developments in the illegal trading activities.Nowadays,international travellers are opted as a mode for exchange of drugs and other valuable commodities,this eventually poses threat to the society and economy of the nation.For instance, the recent gold smuggling by the foreign diplomats to Kerala,India had widespread attention in media both nationally and internationally.Secondly,travelling internationally poses high risk for transmission of communicable diseases which can later result in pandemic like situations.For example,the breakout of corona virus in 2020 to a pandemic was majorly due to the continuing international travel. The possible solutions for above mentioned causes is to initiate high level customs check in all the ports where visitors attempt to enter meaning in the airports,harbours etc.Moreover,the spread of communicable diseases can also be controlled in a large extend by implementing effective screening techniques,unlike having the tests only procured during the times of pandemics,a general screening is advisable to rule out any traces at the earliest. In conclusion,though the non-native tourists are not welcomed by the local population due to various threats they poses to the society by illicit trading and Spread of life threatening diseases ,theses problems however can be sorted out by initiating appropriate checks at the port of entry.




Posted on Apr 28, 2022

Band Score – 5

Concentrate on the correct usage of article, prepositions, subject-verb agreement and punctuation.

Pay attention to spellings and learn error free sentence formation

There is a lack of paragraph division. Since this is a cause-and-solution essay, you have to discuss all the causes in one body paragraph and all the solutions in the other. Do not combine them or miss any of them.

Follow the conventions. Only the first letter of the word in a sentence and proper nouns must be in capitals and there should be proper space between words.

Use C2 level words.

Maimuna Zaman

Posted on Aug 22, 2021

Many people believe that international tourism is a bad thing for their country. And that is because of various reasons but mostly for the reason that when tourists visit a country they show defiance towards that nation’s customs and traditions and promote their own western cultures which have bad effects on the mindset of that nation’s population. In this essay, I will discuss the perspectives of people as to why they consider foreign travel a bad thing and also the solution that can change their views.
To begin with, there are reasons that caused many folks to consider globe travel as a bad thing for their country. Firstly, travellers promoting their western customs and causing folks of that state to follow those cultures. Resulting in, their own heritages disappearing in the process. Secondly, these globetrotters act defiant towards rules and regulations in entering a sacrilegious place. For instance, while entering a holy place one needs to take off shoes, cover their heads and body properly but these backpackers do not seem to care about those rules. And lastly, they cause pollution by throwing plastic bottles and bags everywhere.
On the contrary, foreign travellers are important for a nation as it provides us with an opportunity to learn about the western customs and broaden our horizons. Therefore, the perspective needs to change and that can be done with some aid from the government. For example, the government can issue laws like while going inside a sacred place everyone needs to follow rules and whoever would not pay a heavy fine. Consequently, fines for causing pollution and placing more trash cans around the city.
To conclude, like the two sides of a coin there are both advantages and disadvantages to a certain thing. To enjoy the benefits we must find ways to change the downfalls into advantages. As mentioned earlier in the essay, foreign globetrotters are important for the bright opportunities that come along with them so to utilize that the public’s perspectives need to transform with the aid of the highlighted solutions in the previous paragraph.


Adithya Sridhar

Posted on Aug 18, 2021

It is quite common that most of the citizens of certain countries consider international tourism to have more adverse impacts than the positive footprints to their country. This negative impression on the international tourism among the natives could be resolved easily. This essay will discuss in detail about the common causes that have created such a bad vibration about the foreigners visit and their possible solutions.

To begin with, the local community always have a fear that the visitors may influence their culture over the native’s which might demolish their own and end up losing their authenticity. Another significant danger would be the possibilities of smuggling goods or drugs from or to their country. Some tourists have the tendency to make racial abuse and share humiliating comments on the country that they visited on social media which may infuriate the locals. Among all these factors the most important concern would be the risk of spreading communicable diseases to the domestic groups from the visitors. The best example would be the recent pandemic which swiftly passed on to the whole world from the origin nation through international travel.

But there are plethora of solutions to resolve this discomfort among the local citizens. The Government could enact strict laws and boundaries to the tourists to prevent any cultural infringements during their visit. Customs department should be proactive and have necessary technical detectors in seizing the smuggled items or drugs. Any racial abuse or commenting on the nation’s stature should be punished severely which would create a sense of vigilance among the tourists. Most importantly, Government must equip themselves in identifying potentially ill patients at the arrival itself to prevent the spread any infectious disease.

Hence to conclude, though the most countries believe that international tourism has harmful effects, it could be solved easily by enforcing multiple efficient solutions.


Queensen Komben

Queensen Komben

Posted on Nov 17, 2021




Posted on Aug 19, 2021


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