IELTS Writing Practice Test 4 (Task 2) from Cambridge IELTS 6

IELTS Writing Practice Test 4 (Task 2) from Cambridge IELTS 6

IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic:

Some people prefer to spend their lives doing the same things and avoiding change. Others, however, think that change is always a good thing. Discuss both views and give your opinion


Identifying the essay type: Discussion + opinion essay (Discuss both views and give your opinion)
Structuring the essay:
Sentence 1: Introduce the given topic about whether or not people should make changes in life
Sentence 2: Clearly and directly state my propensity for which side of the argument with one short and simple sentence (agree with people who think change is a good thing)
Paragraph 1: 2 reasons why some people prefer spending time doing the same things
 They have passion for what they do
 A fear of uncertainty
Paragraph 2: 2 reasons why others think change is always a good thing
 Bringing new experiences
 Fortifying characteristics
Restate my favorable side


Many people show preference for repeating their daily routine while others always look for change as they believe change would bring more benefits. In my opinion, I would agree with the latter point of view.


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On the one hand, there are several reasons why some people only want to stick to their routine activities. Firstly, simply they have passion for what they are doing everyday. For example, street artists in Vietnam love creating colorful artworks in public without any wish for change despite little earnings. Secondly, some people have merely adopted a fear of uncertainty that prevents them from adjusting their ways of life. If they changed their current jobs, for example, there would be no guarantee that other jobs would bring the same level of satisfaction as the previous one. That would explain why they embrace the repetition rather than change.

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On the other hand, I would side with those who think change is better. People would have the chance to undergo new exciting experiences. For example, instead of staying at home to watch TV, some people could go on a mountain climbing or motorbike trip to enjoy the open air. Furthermore, making changes in one’s life is believed to fortify his characteristics or talents. When a person only focuses on what he is doing on a daily basis, he would never know his limits or his potential. A song composer would never discover his aptitude for singing if he did not get on stage to sing his favorite vocals.

In conclusion, although legitimate reasons for a life without change are varied, I believe adjustment to what one does repeatedly is a better choice.

(275 words)

Useful vocabulary

– Repeating their daily routine
– Have passion for
– A fear of uncertainty
The same level of satisfaction
Embrace the repetition
Fortify his characteristics or talents
His limits or his potential

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