IETLS Writing Task 2 Topic: Communication Technology & Sample Answers

ielts writing task 2 topic communication technology & sample answer
ielts writing task 2 topic communication technology & sample answer

Many people think modern communication technology is having some negative effects on social relationships. Do you agree or disagree?


The impacts of digital communication on human relationships have long been a topic of controversy. From my perspective, modern means of communication may sabotage one’s relationships with other people.

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The most typical example of today’s communication technology is the mobile phone. Originally designed to provide people with instant access to telecommunication, it has become indispensable for most people in modern society. Nowadays, various features such as built-in cameras and interactive games have been added to the mobile phone, making it multifunctional and thus even more popular. However, I believe the omnipresence of mobile phones in particular, or digital communication tools in general, often interferes with the bonding time that people share and thus has a negative influence on interpersonal relationships. There is compelling evidence for my belief.

If people use mobile phones for work purposes, business calls may disrupt any real-life conversations they have. This is the case for millions of working people who may have overlooked the importance of having smooth and uninterrupted conversations with other people. It is possible that they are unaware that relationships are at risk of eroding when people spend less quality time with each other.

In addition, if people use mobile phones to play games, the constant urge to complete game missions may disengage them from social gatherings. For example, many teenagers sacrifice real-life socialising time for mobile game playing time. In the long term, this would be likely to cause friends to drift apart.

Some people use mobile phones mainly for virtual social networks, and notifications and messages from these sites may prevent them from having intimate conversations with their loved ones. There are many real examples of couples on the verge of breaking up because one or both partners have grown overly attached to social network applications on mobile phones, and they find it hard to maintain a sense of intimacy.

I believe that any of these issues could have a significant impact on a person’s social relationships. However, most people use mobile phones for all of the aforementioned purposes, and consequently they need to pay constant attention to their phone, potentially isolating those in their company. In this way, mobile phones may dull real-life interactions and affect relationships as a result.

In brief, the constant distraction of modern communication devices such as mobile phones may cause the breakdown of numerous social relationships.

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