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The Academic passage ‘The Scientific Method’ is a reading passage that appeared in an IELTS Test. Read the passage below and answer questions 29-40. Beyond the questions, you will find the answers along with the location of the answers in the passage and the keywords that prove the answers.

The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method 1

The Scientific Method 2

The Scientific Method 3

The Scientific Method 4

The Scientific Method 5


Question numbers Answers Keywords Location of Keywords
29 iv Inductive, formulation starts with – basic, raw evidence of the senses Para C, line 1-9
30 vii Hypotheses, ‘initiative and incentive for the inquiry and influence the method’ Para D, line 10-16
31 iii Guesswork, having been formulated they can. Para E, first 5 lines
32 v ‘some idea of what your results will tell you before you even begin to collect data;’ Para F, first 8 lines
33 vi hypothetico-deductive method proceeds in a step-by-step, inevitable fashion. been, quite properly, organised into a more serial, logical order so that the worth of the output may be evaluated independently of the behavioural processes by which it was obtained. Para G, line 6-23
34 B ‘It is essential that you, as an intending researcher, understand the difference between these two interpretations of the research process…’ Para B, first 5 lines
35 F ‘So don’t worry if you have some idea of what your results will tell you before you even begin to collect data; there are no scientists in existence who really wait until they have all the evidence in front of them before they try to work out what it might possibly mean…’ Para F, first 4 lines
36 YES Karl Popper in The Logic of Scientific Discovery (1972, 3rd edition) that the nature of scientific method is hypothetico-deductive Para A, line 6-9
37 NO  If the predictions turn out to be correct then your hypothesis has been supported and may be retained until such time as some further test shows it not to be correct. Para E, line 10-15
39 YES The hypothetico-deductive method describes the logical approach to much research work, but it does not describe the psychological behaviour that brings it about. This is much more holistic — involving guesses, reworkings, corrections, blind alleys and above all inspiration, in the deductive as well as the hypothetical component -than is immediately apparent from reading the final thesis or published papers. Para G, line 6-18
40 D

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