What’s so Funny? Reading Answers

The Academic passage ‘What’s so Funny’ is a reading passage that appeared in an IELTS Test. Read the passage below and answer questions 14-27. Beyond the questions, you will find the answers along with the location of the answers in the passage and the keywords that prove the answers.








The answers with explanations are given below

Question Number Answers Keywords Location of Keywords
14. False Arthur Koestler, laughter, biologically, important Paragraph 1; last line
15. Not GIven Plato, humour, above-average, intelligence Paragraph 2
16. True Kant, release, nervous energy Paragraph 2, line 3
17. `False Humour, ignored, Aristotle Paragraph 2, line 4
18. True Graeme Ritchie, jokes, artificial intelligence Paragraph 3; 1st sentence
19. Not Given Comedians, personal situations, source of humour Paragraph 3;last sentence
20. True Chimpanzees, noises, playing Paragraph 5; line 4
21. Problem Solving Right prefrontal cortex, light up Paragraph 8; line 3
22. Temporal lobes Active, too Paragraph 8; line 6
23. Evaluating information Orbital prefrontal cortex, activated Paragraph 8; last sentence
24. C Brain, most difficult task Paragraph 9; last line
25. A Language, developed, humans Paragraph 10
26. F Individual responses, humour Paragraph 10
27. D Peter Derks, humour Paragraph 11; last sentence

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