Writing Task 2 Essay -Topic: Environment

The planet’s population is reaching unsustainable levels, and people are facing a shortage of resources like water, food, and fuel. To what consequences may overpopulation lead? In your opinion, what measures can be taken to fight overpopulation?

Overpopulation is the predominant issue that the world is facing now. This has affected the environment in many ways. People are not able to get proper resources for basic necessities like food, water and fuel. When people tend to consume resources, the availability of water, food or fuel will definitely drop.

The two major disadvantages of overpopulation are dissemination of communicable diseases

and natural disasters.  Also, there will be an increased rate of unemployment. The jobs available in the country are less than the number of people. To solve this problem, family planning has to be done so that the birth rate can be controlled. Another way to avoid overpopulation is by organizing campaigns and creating awareness among the people. The government can educate the people on birth control techniques.

To sum up, we can say that overpopulation may erupt as a major issue if it is not controlled now. The government must also take measures to overcome this issue.

An increase in the production of consumer goods is damaging the environment. What are the causes behind this environmental damage and how can this problem be solved?

In recent days, the environment is being polluted a lot. This may be due to the increase in the manufacturing of consumer goods. This essay will shed light on how the environment is affected by the increased use of consumer goods.

The major reason for increase in consumer goods is overpopulation. The increase in population has increased the demand for consumer goods. Another reason is, manufacturing companies are trying to sell their products at a cheaper rate. The quality of the product is so low that it cannot be used for a long time and has to be discarded. These manufacturing factories dump their wastes into some ocean thereby polluting the environment.

There are also solutions for this and one of them may be implementing birth control steps. Another step that can be taken is to use the available natural resources carefully and wisely. We can plant more trees to save our environment as well as find some alternative methods to manufacture quality consumer goods. We can minimize the use of plastics or poly bags which will harm the environment and are difficult to recycle. We can use cloth bags instead. The government needs to take strong measures to avoid environmental damage.

In conclusion, we have to strive towards making the environment a better place to stay.

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