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Percentage of car ownership in Great Britain according to household - ielts writing task 1

Report Plan:
• paraphrase paragraph, using some of your own words
• summary paragraph: from 1961 to 2001 (1) the proportion of households with one car or two or more cars increased while [2] the percentage of households without a car decreased
• paragraph 3: compare trends for households with cars
• paragraph 4: contrast the trend for households without cars

Sample Answer:
The line graph illustrates the proportion of cars owned by members of households In Great Britain from 1961 to 2001.

Overall, there were significant increases in the percentage of households with one car or two or more cars, whereas there was a dramatic decline in the proportion of households without a car.

In 1961, only 10% of households had two or more cars, compared with almost 30% with one car. Ten years later, the proportions had increased to 30% and 38% respectively. By 2001. however, the figure for households with two or more cars had risen to 48%, having overtaken the proportion of those with one car. which remained constant at 38% after 1981.

In contrast, the figure for households without a car witnessed a sharp decrease The proportion fell sharply from 70% In 1961 to Just 40% In 1971. The percentages continued to decline, although less dramatically, to a low point of only 10% in 2001.

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