Cambridge IELTS 6 Test 3 Writing Task 2

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Cambridge IELTS 6 Test 3 Writing Task 2
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Nafia Zuhana is an experienced content writer and IELTS Trainer. Currently, she is guiding students who are appearing for IELTS General and Academic exams through With an 8.5 score herself, she trains and provides test takers with strategies, tips, and nuances on how to crack the IELTS Exam. She holds a degree in Master of Arts – Creative Writing, Oxford Brookes University, UK. She has worked with The Hindu for over a year as an English language trainer.

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Posted on Nov 28, 2023

International boundaries are no more a limitation as the world has turned global where visitors can be seen from various countries touring foreign regions. It is believed by some that local customs and behaviors should be respected during the visit while others say that intercultural differences should be accepted by the locals. This essay shall reflect into both the views.
People of each country have their own traditions and with it is associated their feelings. It is a collective responsibility of all including the visitors to respect the same for successful international relations and global affairs. For example, in Football world cup 2022, host country Qatar banned public use of alcohol as the same is prohibited in their religion. It was only by the support of visitors from all over the world that the event was successful without any agitation or nuisance. This resulted in huge influx of money into the gulf region along with profits to other global sponsors. Hence, respect for locals is necessary for smooth and profitable global relations and business.
On the other hand, respecting the way people are and where they come from is a sign of open mindsets. Welcoming cultural differences is an important tool for host country to boost economy. To illustrate, Dubai has risen to global forum as gateway to business and tourism. Acceptance to all cultures has turned the tables for Dubai and is no more an oil dependent country. The primary attribute to it is breaking of orthodox customs and accepting people of all countries, cultures, color and religions. Hence, all cultures, if respected and considered with equal status can result in overall progress.
To summarize, in my opinion welcoming intercultural differences is very much required to be a good host. However, people visiting should also understand their limits and by any means should not hurt or disregard local beliefs.


IELTS Expert

IELTS Expert

Posted on Nov 29, 2023

Overall Band: 6
The range of grammatical structures is limited and rather repetitive. Simple vocabulary is used accurately but the range does not permit much variation in expression.

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Posted on May 16, 2022

In a fast paced world, a substantial number of people rely on tourism to spend their vacations and people find it exciting to
visit a plethora of destinations in different countries around the globe. While visiting other nations, some believe that the
tourists should adhere to the local practices and behaviour whereas others disapprove and anticipate the host country to
accept the cultural differences. I will discuss both the views in the upcoming paragraphs and give my perception on the same.

First and foremost, it is paramount for travellers to understand the local rituals and customs as it helps to know more about the
country and its people; in addition to this, it gives an opportunity to interact with the locals and paves way for cultural exchange.
Traditions are followed by countries for many centuries, therefore failing to understand those values will create a factual
gap between the locals and the tourists which is unhealthy. For example, tourists visiting India are requested to leave their footwear
outside religious places like temples as a part of the nation’s custom which is understandable and followed by the tourists as well.

On the other hand, host countries should also welcome cultural differences as it is pivotal to understand the tourists. When cultural
differences are accepted, it increases the pride of the hosting country and also improves the tourism sector on a large scale; moreover, the explorers
feel comfortable and convenient to move along with the people when their differences are accepted. Additionally, it gives a sense of
compassion and secured feel for the tourists. For example, in a recent survey in the American Mirror, it has become evident that those
countries which understand and follows customs of their tourists without any obligations receives more number of travellers than others.

In my opinion, it is better for host countries to accept cultural differences rather than expecting the tourists to get along with
the country’s customs as the travellers never know the local traditions and practices. However, it is also important for the invitees to
learn and understand the receiving nation’s culture as well.


Nikhil Punjabi

Posted on Feb 3, 2022

Every society in general has mixed views on the concept of diversity. Some societies welcome diversity whereas some are still hostile to acceptance of new culture. In my personal opinion, every individual must have the freedom to follow their own way of living in society and putting bars on it is fundamentally inhuman.

It is well-known that human capability collectively can yield spell-bounded results. Such cohesion of capability has become possible because of globalization. Globalization has enabled growth of not only business but also economic growth of countries. Given that globalization is such an enabler, it becomes all the more essential to be accepting of other people’s cultures and diversity. We all acknowledge that with advent of globalization, immigrations are all over the place. Accordingly, for a country / city to be in harmony, it is necessary to recognize and embrace one another’s differences in cultures. Every culture is unique and has its own set of relevance to those who practice it. All cultures should be treated at par and equally respected.

On the other hand, humans on a certain psychological level are always protective of their territory, There is a certain level of intimidation and insecurity in accepting change. Similarly, in case there is a lack of certain sense of brotherhood among the people given the difference in cultures that exist in society, prosperity would not be achievable. Transforming mindset of people is a gradual process and in hindsight, one may consider being hostile to other communities though inappropriate as the only way to lead to growth of society.

Though there are both sides of argument, I firmly believe that diversity is inevitable and accordingly it’s wiser and healthier to be in acceptance of it than shying away from it.



Posted on Dec 9, 2021

Should travelers adept to the cultural guidelines of the countries they visit, or is it a responsibility of the host country to accept the anomalous behavior of visitors due to cultural acceptance? Both views are common all over the world, so in the following essay I am going to explain them and expound why I tend to support the first one.

Adapting one’s behaviour to a foreign culture is generally seen as an act of respect. People, therefore, should study the region they are planning to visit even before taking the trip. This is of particular importance when the travel destination is highly influenced by tradition or religion. Otherwise, locals might not only be irritated, but seriously concerned by the behavior of the tourists, which may lead to misunderstandings and bad blood.

In spite of this, other people might argue that the globalisation of our world does not leave room for cultural shock anymore. Even if travelers stick to their own be­haviour and mind set, the local society has a comprehensive understanding of the diversity of cultures, owing to the internet, so that the locals will not feel offended and, on the contrary, may even be excited by the possibility for cultural exchange. According to fervent supporters of this view, it might not even be a nice gesture to welcome strangers like that but the duty of communities all over the globe.

While being friendly and welcoming is something everyone should incarnate when dealing with strangers, in my opinion it is not a plausible excuse for travelers being ignorant about the traditions and behaviour patterns in the countries they visit. I, therefore, would agree with the first point of view and want to emphasise the importance of adapting to local distinctions.




Posted on Dec 10, 2021

*adapt (in the first sentence – this was auto correction)

Debola Ade

Posted on Nov 17, 2021

On the topic of tourism and cultural exchange, some people hold the opinion that visitors should adhere to local customs and behaviours, others believe that host countries should be more liberal and accommodate cultural differences. I am of the opinion that visitors should adhere to local customs in their host countries to a significant degree.

Simply put, it is their country. The reason why their society is unique and has developed enough to attract visitors is due to their customs. Customs create an identity and a guide to survival for people, so anything that questions this is understandably seen as a threat to individuals with that shared belief. If societies are too liberal with accommodating to the extent of assimilating other cultures, their customs become so diluted that it creates a fractured society with no identity.

In addition, a major benefit of travelling is to get new experiences and perspectives. To achieve this, a visitor would have to be prepared to embrace and appreciate new cultures.

Admittedly, some dated cultures have beliefs and ethnic biases that have no place in the modern world, as they propagate ethnic superiority over other people. In recent times, we have seen these customs evolve into toxic ideologies for fringe, and in some cases, mainstream groups against immigrants of select linages and a justification for xenophobic practices. This is wrong because being respectful of visitors differences and assimilating their culture are mutually exclusive, and a balance can be achieved.

In conclusion, host countries have to and should preserve their identities, as it is integral to their societies. Visitors need to understand this and remember that what brought them to whatever country they found themselves in, was the allure and promise of experiencing something new.


Janice Thompson

Janice Thompson

Posted on Nov 18, 2021

Band score: 5

Paragraphing: It is always best to follow the 4 para structure. Since this is a discussion essay, it is
good to organise one side of the argument in one para and the other in the next body paragraph.

Grammar: Concentrate on plural possessives


Posted on Oct 18, 2021

The statement to follow the customs of a country and its disagreement to welcome cultural differences can be supported by the following views:
Visitors should follow local customs and behaviours of a country, as the failure to do so may lead to upsetting the local people and reflects disrespect towards them. For example, in a Country like Japan, it is extremely important to follow their behaviour, treat each individual with respect, whereas in a country like UAE, violation to follow the custom may lead to a harsh punishment. Moreover, following a new culture and custom can enhance the experience of a traveller in a particular country. Conventional countries can also prove to be traditional and lets a visitor have the authentic taste of their heritage. Additionally, these experiences can help understand the differences between cultures.
However, countries must also be open and accept the cultural differences between them. This will bring harmony between the countries and diversity in their own cultures. For example, the people in America also accept the Krishna, the Hindu mythological God (followed in India) and hence, they sing and dance over the tunes of Krishna’s music. Not only does this bring harmony between countries, it also provides that you are accepted in this country.
In my opinion, following the customs and behaviours majorly depends on whether a country is conventional or not. Japan & UAE being a conventional country, try to maintain their cultures whereas, USA being a forward and open country allows cultural diversity. Mutual respect for others must also be shown from the local people, which in turn can increase the number of visitors in open country.


Janice Thompson

Janice Thompson

Posted on Oct 25, 2021

Overall band: 5.5

Coherence: Your essay is lacking a proper introduction. You need to improve paragraphing skills
Grammar: Concentrate on usage of articles and grammatical numbers.


Posted on Oct 4, 2021

People have different views when it comes to cultural restrictions with regard to travelling. While some contend that visitors should conform to the local regulations and traditions, I believe that the destinations have to accept all sorts of cultures.
On the one hand, some individuals assert that travellers should comply with the cultural rules of the other countries. Tourists must be respectful as far as the local conventions and behavior are concerned due to hindering distinguished characteristics’ appearance. For example, if a visitor puts on an exotic shirt in a certain region, he or she will be annoyed and felt uncomfortable because of the local’s feedback. Moreover, following the indigenous customs, visitors not only can learn much more about the new cultures but also they are able to have some fun and enjoyment when experiencing new conventions.
On the other hand, the argument given above should be considered from an opposite angle. I like the idea that tourists must be allowed to travel to the host country with their own culture. To begin with, visitors might feel manipulated if they are obliged to meet local rules. On top of that, the majority of travellers tend to reap the benefits of the spectacular sceneries of the destination and do not want to be individual in the new local culture. Therefore, the compulsory limitations can dissatisfy them; And, this is why I am into the notion that tourist-attracting countries should accept different cultures.
In conclusion, although some people believe that the local path should be mandatory for visitors, I like the idea that the local people should welcome the deviations.



Posted on Aug 21, 2021

There are differing beliefs as to whether the local customs and behaviour should be followed by those visiting a country. Some believe that these should be followed, while others disagree.

While it is understandable that you would want your traditions to be followed by anyone entering your country, it can’t be expected of everyone to follow these customs. It could go against what a person themselves believe in. For instance, going to a place where you have to pray a certain way before a meal can’t be expected of you, when your own belief is to do it a different way. However, with that being said, the customs and behaviour do need to be respected. If you are sitting down with people that follow certain traditions, do not talk down on it or disrespect it. Step away if you don’t want to be a part of it or sit down quietly and watch while it is being done.

There are certain customs that are believed to be disrespectful if not followed. For instance, dressing in a certain way or taking your shoes off when entering these places. These are the beliefs or customs of people that need to be respected. Not following these traditions can make a place unholy for instance. This can cause serious repercussions in certain belief systems.

In my opinion, the local customs and behaviour should not be forced upon anyone. This could lease to breakdown in business relationships and reduction in tourism. People should always have the option to follow a certain tradition or not. However, customs of any place need to be respected. So if visiting a place with certain customs that need to be followed, always consider or ask how can you not disrespect a place, even without wanting to follow their traditions.


Maimuna Zaman

Posted on Aug 20, 2021

Some people believe that visitors to other countries should follow local customs and behaviour. While others will argue in contrast to that. And that is because there are both kinds of people in this world, some are parochial, not ready to adapt to new changes while others are liberal. In this essay, I will discuss both sides. In my opinion, I firmly believe that new cultural differences should be welcome by the host country.
To begin with, welcoming new customs are the means through which the world can experience innovation and diversity. Folks who are ready to adapt to transitions are broadminded. There are an ample amount of benefits of welcoming new cultural diversities. For instance, it gives an opportunity to the public to know about the contrasting traditions and heritages of different countries. It is a great way of educating and enlightening ourselves with knowledge. It opens a window to broaden our horizons.
On the contrary, there are folks who are conservative and are therefore afraid to welcome new cultural discrepancies. As the old generation despite their efforts to learn new traditions, they are not able to fully accept the cultural variations. And that is because they had been following certain customs for the majority of their lives so adopting to new heritages seem frightening and difficult.
To conclude, like the two sides of a coin there are both kinds of people, some parochial and some liberal. As mentioned earlier in the essay, I hold the perspective that host countries should welcome new cultural discrepancies as modifications are good and with time we all should change.


Bandike Pavithra

Posted on Aug 18, 2021

Every country has its traditions and culture that they follow. In recent times, people are interested in exploring the whole world. In such cases, when they visit different countries, they have to follow respective culture and tradition accordingly. In my opinion, visitors should be welcomed by the tourist country despite of their local customs or traditions being followed.
There are few countries that are very sentimental about their traditions and local behaviour like Afghanisthan, India etc. There are also countries that do not feel particular about the behaviour or customs followed by the visitors. When people visit countries that have stricit traditions to follow, the visitors should be well aware of their way of living and custom that is followed in the country that they are planning to visit. By following the tradition or custom of respective country can be benificial to the visitor itself. The local people may get impressed that the visitors are following their customs and may offer help to the visitors and take good care of them . Local people‘s support is extremely important to stay in a particular country.
On the other hand, there is also an argument that the tourist countries should be able to accept visitors irrespective of their customs and behaviour. Host countries are visited by plethora of tourists throughout the world. There are numerous traditions followed in different parts of the world. It is not fair to expect that the tourists visiting their country should follow their local customs and behaviour. Tourists can enjoy their visit only when they are free of rules. Tourists may also get terrified to visit the country which is strict in its local customs and behaviour. Eventually, the tourism rate for that country will drop.
Therefore, with all the above considerations , I conclude that the visitors should be welcomed with open hearts,so that they can enjoy their trip and will be interested to revisit the country.


Janice Thompson

Janice Thompson

Posted on Aug 18, 2021

Overall band: 5.0

Consider giving examples for every idea that you put forth.
Words like custom and behaviour are repeated many times. Try using synonyms.
Work on prepositions.

Adithya Sridhar

Posted on Aug 15, 2021

Every country has its own cultural background to which some believe that the visitors should also adhere, while another group denies imposing such awkward restrictions that would make the visitors feel uncomfortable. I would have to agree with the latter as I feel it isn’t a piece of cake to adapt to a new traditional custom, especially if its a short visit to that country.
There are opinions that foreign visitors should try to adjust to the cultural practices of the visiting country as their way of dressing, behaviour and dining habits may drastically differ among the residents of the touring place. This may showcase the tourists separately from the others, which could draw unnecessary attractions among the local citizens. As most of the tourists are usually unaware of the rules and cultural restrictions imposed on the foreign soil, their acts may infringe the local rules leading to punishment or hurting the feelings of the locals. One such significant incident was the arrest of the French Prime minister on Indian soil due to the public display of affection towards his wife on his visit to India.
However, I firmly believe that suffocating the tourists to pursue the cultural traditions of the touring nation is not fair as it would significantly affect the tourism of the country. It would create a bad impression among the tourists as most of them would have travelled mainly with the intention to visit famous places rather than exploring the customs of the local population. One cannot be forced to follow a different diet, spiritual beliefs and behaviour towards fellow countrymen just because they are in a different country with different culture.
To conclude, I stand with my statement that foreigners should not be forced to follow the traditional customs of the visiting country as it would cripple them being unable to adapt to the new traditions. Instead, letting them free to enjoy the visit in their natural way would help both the locals to learn a different culture as well as enhance the experience of tourists on their visit to the dream destination.


Janice Thompson

Janice Thompson

Posted on Aug 17, 2021

Overall band : 6.0

Check your task achievement : For every main idea that you choose, ensure you explain it fully and give examples.

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