IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System, is a globally-recognised test for the English language. It judges the ability of test-takers in the four basic English language skills – listening, reading, speaking, and writing. IELTS exam is jointly owned and conducted by IDP Education Australia, British Council, and Cambridge English Language Assessment. 

Eligibility criteria

  • You must have completed 16 years of age
  • You must possess a valid passport

Updates in IELTS fee

IELTS Test fee has been revised to INR 14,000 from 1st-April-2020.

Prospects for studying and working abroad

It is mandatory to prove to the foreign country that you can survive in an English speaking environment. IELTS is one of the tests that determine this capability. Different countries would require different band scores. Here are some countries that accept IELTS scores. They are:

  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Newzealand

IELTS coaching centres in India


British Council


It is the best coaching institute for IELTS training. It is UK based and has offices in nine cities in India like Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad etc. Regular IELTS Preparation classes are conducted for 7 weeks (42 hours), and Intensive IELTS Preparation is conducted for 5 days.




It is one of the oldest IELTS institutes. They have branches in various parts of India like Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai etc. It also has centres in Nepal and the UAE. The training lasts for one month. The classes are conducted for three hours/twice a week. There are testimonials from various students with bands of 7.5 and above.


Manya – The Princeton Review


With twenty years of experience in this field, they help students to excel with their world-class content. They have coaching centres in Chandigarh, Dehradun, Delhi, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Lucknow, Ludhiana, and Noida.




It has 24 branches across India. They offer personalized coaching for IELTS. They also organize international education fairs in India.


IELTS Academy


Their specially tailored IELTS course boosts the confidence of test-takers which enables them to score high in the IELTS test. They offer regular four-week classes, weekend four-week classes and crash course two-week classes.

Best IELTS classes in Mumbai 

Some of the best IELTS coaching classes in Mumbai are listed below:

  • Apex consultants
  • Pratinidhis English Academy
  • Success forum
  • English Nation
  • Study smart
  • Don Bosco International education
  • International academy of languages
  • Tutor jar
  • Pacific networks

Other prospects of IELTS in India

Many people believe that getting the right IELTS score is one way of proving that you have the English language proficiency to study abroad. Definitely, we cannot deny the role that IELTS plays in studying and working abroad. But getting the right IELTS score is important for various other reasons as well. 

Prospects in the corporate zone

There are plenty of situations where their staff has to interact with a foreign client. It may be during a client visit to India or being on a daily status call with a client overseas. IELTS plays a vital role in demonstrating English language abilities and there are high chances that the test taker gets an edge over other employees. The test taker may be given the first preference to interact with the client. Also, there are a number of situations where their staff has to travel onsite and work at the client’s place which is usually a foreign country. IELTS plays a strong role when it comes to the selection of candidates for onsite travel. IELTS actually eases the process of getting a visa to foreign countries. 

When it comes to progression in career, it plays a vital role. There may be situations where the company sponsors for IELTS. Be it handling international clients or a day-to-day conversation with the boss and colleagues, IELTS definitely helps in proving that the test taker is capable.

Job prospects in non-IT corridor

IELTS definitely helps in the non-IT field as well. Teaching profession may be an example. Though there are a number of exams to judge the competency of a person in his/her abilities to teach, IELTS is proof that the person has exceptional English language skills. 

There are also options to become an IELTS examiner. Those who fulfil the requirements listed by the British Council can attend the interview and undergo the necessary training to become an examiner. Examiners are monitored by examiner trainers up to four times a year and at least once every two years. New examiners (and those who have not recently worked as IELTS examiners) are monitored at least three times in their first year. 

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